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Reinvent the learning and training process of your employees and clients with Trainbox; a suited platform, personalized with your brand and content.

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With Trainbox build a learning culture in your company, develop and improve the skills of your taskforce


creative stage

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Implement Trainbox in your organization with a course that you have already prepared, or assemble it by scratch. We will help you structure the content so that you can take advantage of all benefits of the micro-learning experience and of Trainbox.


videos, interactive content and extra material

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With Trainbox you have multiple resources that will help you make your content more attractive, encouraging and effective. Videos, challenges, games and more.


launching and measuring

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You can do a constant monitoring of the impact of your contents within your users. Keep the track of the progression of your users, and make smarter decisions.


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Trainbox nos ha permitido fidelizar, capacitar y acercar a nuestro equipo de trabajo sin importar las fronteras, educación interactiva para un mundo globalizado.

Juan Uribe

Doctor Rojas

El microlearning se caracteriza por incorporar todo tipo de formatos: vídeos, infografías, podcasts, gráficos, etc. Por ello, estimula diferentes regiones del cerebro y favorece el recuerdo de la lección.

Universia España


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