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Trainbox es la plataforma de capacitación empresarial que te permite desarrollar competencias en tu equipo de trabajo.

interactive content

Videos, challenges and interactive games that instantly captures the response of the user.

metrics and monitoring

Carry out the monitoring of your users as well as control of their advancements and progress.

multimedia solutions

Take learning to the next level, with extra material that reinforces theacquired knowledge

personalized certificates

Award your users to fulfill all their courses with a digital certificate that you can personalize.

responsive platform

Enter to Trainbox by using any kind of device, without installing, and always with the latest features.

reinforcement of identity

You can personalize the platform, so that your users view your own brand and the identity of your organization.

interactive questionnaires

You can measure the knowledge of your users with a more interactive and fun way.Without long and boring tests.


The users will be upto date to all the new content that you publish, and even empower your marketing process.

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